Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So THAT'S Why!

YouTube heroes Dave Carroll and Bing Futch win airline compensation - Times Online
Futch’s song, in a similar tune to Go West by the Pet Shop Boys, has an even more memorable chorus. “Northwest! Where baggage handlers roam. Northwest! You’ll be taking pieces home.”

After yesterday's resigned resolution with Northwest Airlines, I had pretty much turned eyes towards the future and have been continuing work on some new projects. The number of hits to the "Only A Northwest Song" videos (both long and short) were nowhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 million hits, but the numbers were still impressive for such a short span of time.

Sometime last night, however, I began to notice an uptick in views. Chalking it up to residual viewings from mirror sites, and thanking the internet gods for any kind of exposure I can get, I thought nothing more about it until this morning when I glanced at the view count and saw that it had very nearly doubled since I went to sleep. With a strange mixture of curiosity and giddiness, I did some Google searches and turned up the link at the top of this post. Well, God bless the U.K.

And, of course, being a musician, the tag of the article is my favorite part. It never gets old when someone likes your stuff.

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