Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Orlando Weekly Blog Coverage

Orlando Weekly - Music Blog
So local dulimist(?) Bing Futch - suck on that name, Carroll - figured he'd ride the United coattails for the whole week it's popular and capitalize with his own similar-sounding jaunt called "Only a Northwest Song," (Beatles reference win?) in which Futch (really with that name?) explains how...well, you can guess the rest.

Pretty funny little blurb and very indicative of the writing for the mag (I used to write for them back when I did a lot of music journalism.)

Out of 179 videos that I've uploaded to YouTube over a span of two years, "Only A Northwest Song" ranks number 24 in total viewings (as of this posting), and that's after three days of being posted. It's sort of like watching a single chart. Kinda.

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