Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mississippi, South Of Jackson: Easter Morning

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Tour: Saturday

First day of Spring Tour and I set out in Rita at 8 am with an eye towards camping midway to Shreveport where I'll be staying with John and Karen Keane. This will be my third time to Herndon Magnet School where John is the music teacher; I've enjoyed presenting a musical program with him for the kids and I'm looking forward to Monday's schedule. Knowing that it's April Fool's Day, I'm fully expecting there to be some mischief.

The 12 hour trip was uneventful, cruising at 55 mph in the slow lane is very relaxing and easy on Rita. I ended up in Hattiesburg, MS where I'm camped at a Walmart Resort. Hopefully will get a chance to visit with Jeff Hames in Jackson before continuing north. I'll be checking in periodically!

Sho na bish,