Monday, September 10, 2007

Where It All Started

On this second trip to Manitou Springs, I was able to stretch time out a tad and really settle into the groove of the place for real. Storefront jams, early morning omlettes and coffee across the street from the place that is really responsible for my exposure to the dulcimer world, hill climbs, safety meetings, local beer on tap, in a word: Moroccan food - Manitou Springs rocks - and this is just a little love note to the place, along with a look at The Dulcimer Shop. If it wasn't for Bud and Donna Ford, would I have ever met the dulcimer? That's a very good question.

If I had never met the dulcimer, would I know Roger Zimish and Quintin Stephens? Probably not - and that would be a sad thing. They are two of the best players in the country and I'm simply blessed to have the chance to jam with both of them.

I'm headed back to Phoenix this week to be with Jae for her birthday and will also get a chance to visit with members of the Phoenix Dulcimer Club again. How nice to have a bit of a jam on vacation!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

What Are Words For?

Great freaking song. Check out the lyrics sometime.

I'd have to sit here for a week and recount everything that went down on this past road-trip. Since most of it involved playing music, I'm happy to let the music speak. It's customary to hit the ground running whenever I get back.

So, now there is Manitou, among other things, and what a lovely and beautiful birth it is!

Big happy hellos to the Phoenix Dulcimer Club and to everyone at the Mountain Music Festival. The pictures and audio will have to speak their thousand words.

It's good to be home though.