Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tell The Rambler, The Gambler...

I'm very surprised at the responses to "Run On" over at MacJams - this one has charted even higher than "Crazy Feels Like." Granted, the vote inflation at MJ keeps shooting for the moon, considering the other tunes in circulation right now, it's still enough to once again make me wonder "what's the secret ingredient?"

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Babelfish doesn't cover this.

Anyone speak Norwegian?

Da jeg selv er ejer af en dulcimer sker det at jeg studser over info på nettet om dette instrument. Bing Futch fra Orlando i Florida har virkelig gjort noget ud af at dele sin viden. Han har lavet en videoserie med spilletips på BlogSpot så du kan høre og se hvad det er for noget. Nu stammer dulcimeren ikke fra U.S.A. Den er kendt på britiske øer og også i Danmark hvor den er blevet kaldt en langleik ikke at forveksle med med det instrument der hedder ”Hammered Dulcimer” eller hakkebræt.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Like Feels Crazy

"Crazy Feels Like" has been voted "Track of the Day" at for July 22nd, 2007 - a special anniversary for me. It was the day that I bought my first computer, back in 1994. In any case, by clicking the red graphic above, you can reach the song page - which features listener reviews and other statistics; the song also got a "Best Lyrics" award during the week of July 9th. There are thousands of songs vying for attention at - so these very real opinions count for something when I take it all in.

Of course, it doesn't surprise me in the least that the word "cheesy" pops up a lot when describing elements of my music. Somehow, I'm really cool with that. Some people work real hard to be cheesy. For me, it's pretty damn easy.

I've been wanting to do "Run On" for a long time. (ha-ha) So, I'm messing with it now. There's a gig next weekend up in Jacksonville and I may ask Roger Zimish to come with me - it'll be a rock crowd, so we need to be able to bring that kind of game. I'd love to do "Run On" and then "You Will Go Free" by Tonio K. - performed with T-Bone Burnett on the album "Romeo UnChained." Look it up - buy it if you can.

Anyway - there's a demo for "Run On" here.

I hope Thomas and Ian don't read this blog - for if they do, I'm about to spoil the plot. Now, that would suck. Well - then I'll say this - I'm working up one of their tunes, one that has history in their town of Lincolnshire, England. I've almost got it down and want to record it for them - and that's what the rest of this Sunday is all about. The gardening went well. The compost pile is growing and we got a little rain. Hope the water is flowing wherever you are today. Aloha!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Been Home. Nice 4th. Get To Work.

Yes, I'm back. It was great, I've been busy. Busier than a one-armed cat in a room full of long-tailed paper-hangers. But check out some of the video - it really says it all!

And yes, I did bring Jae her own bottle of Four Roses. With a bottle of Elijah Craig for me.