Monday, August 21, 2006

Here It Is

The past ten months have been great; like warm sun on your face in the morning and the scent of last night's sex mingling with an ocean breeze that wraps around your head. You know. That good. This woodshedding walkabout that I've been on has been a crazy trip, like a musical whirlwind in a sheet music store. I'm out of my head with music. It's taking roots and forms that I hadn't even anticipated, all due usually to me bumping into and exchanging energies with these incredibly talented and dedicated musicians. Can a person die from inspiration? Over-inspiration? I think I'm about to be inspired to death. Man, that is a great song title. [Jots that one down in a bound note book.]

Final mixing, mastering, package designing - I'm trying to get something together in time for the Mountain Music Festival. Dulcimerica: Volume 1 can be pretty much called a wrap and I'm really super-happy with the way that it turned out. The students at Full Sail did an excellent job running the sessions and engineering the recording - we got some really great material - and Charles Stansell laid it down again and his particular brand of rhythm harmonica playing really compliments the dulcimer on "Cotton Eyed Joe", "Gold Trails Hotel" and "Sunday Morning." There are also a few tracks recorded here at Dark Studios that I just couldn't bring myself to record again, I liked these versions so much. One is a sweet reading of "Edelweiss" and the other is an overdubbed arrangement of an original tune called "From The Hills To The Sea". All in all, I think there are 16 songs, 16 or 17 songs, all instrumental and mainly solo dulcimer, since people have been asking for more of the traditional/acoustic music.

The next version will have more instruments and bigger arrangements, but I wanted to start off the series with the bare basics and just a little hint of what's to come.

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