Sunday, August 20, 2006

David Schnaufer

One of the first dulcimer cassettes I bought in the 80's was David Schnaufer's Dulcimer Player. It was during this formulative time, as I tried to figure out how the heck this instrument was going to work into the musical picture, that I soaked up these performances and cried, thinkin' how far away I was from ever sounding like that. Schnaufer to dulcimer is Clapton to guitar for most people. I dunno. Maybe more Phil Keaggy.

David's been diagnosed with a "rapid growth type of lung cancer" and the disease has spread quickly; so there are the usual good days and bad days, with plenty of prayers pouring in from all around the world. Folks who want to send cards and letters can do so here:

You may send a card or note to:
David Schnaufer
9 Music Square South, Suite 135
Nashville, TN 37203

You can send David a special story or memory of his impact on your life by sending it to Debbie Porter (

I just picked up the album Adieu False Heart, a collection of hauntingingly beautiful Americana songs performed by Linda Ronstadt, Ann Savoy and an ensemble of string players including David Schnaufer, who plays both standard and bowed dulcimer.
The album is incredible; the stories and songs are so dark for the most part - it's the performances that provide shafts of sunlight. Themes of loss, loneliness, love in vain and impending death; a real party right?

David's playing really blesses this album - and it makes the song "Too Old To Die Young" particularly poignant with its lyrics:

If life is like a candle bright
then death must be the wind
you can close your window tight
and it still comes blowing in

so I will climb the highest hill
and watch the rising sun
and pray that I won't feel the chill
till I'm too old to die young

Prayers and blessings for David Schnaufer - the good of the world that you've given comes back to you always.

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