Monday, August 14, 2006

Heading to Colorado

At the end of this month, actually next week - goin' to the Mountain Music Festival put on by Bud and Donna Ford; my former employers. In all the twenty-one years I've known them, I've never been to the shop itself, nestled in a cozy valley of three thousand or so people, but I've been looking forward to it all my life.

I've imagined what it must look like, and then probably how it's been changed. How it smells like sawdust and wildflowers - what the view is like outside the front window. I'm getting out there on the cheap, and crashing where there's a bare spot on the floor - which is a real romantic way to go, when you really think about it. It's like busking - there's something very humbling about it at the same time you're grateful as all get-out. It's a healthy kind of warm that glows from the inside out.

In any case - I'm heading out there - and Bud has presented the possibility of a slot within the performance schedule for Sunday with Bud Ford III and Robert Force. I'm like, holy cow, I'd be daft to turn down a chance like that! Good thing I got one of them seatbelts for the dulcimer. I'm stoked - I hope it goes down.

Wonder if we could do "Wellyn"?

The Pro-Tools discs came from the Full Sail Sessions - I'm going to start working with them now, posting hither and yon with no accounting for rhyme nor reason. Well, maybe a little storyboard thumbnailing or something. WhatEv.


Mhor Gunn said...

Wish I had front row seats for that one Bing! Say do you know "I Was Born Under a Wanderin" Star"? Everytime I check in on you, it seems you're going somewhere. Glad you are as you should :)

Bing Futch said...

It's the Sagittarius in me, John. Gotta keep movin'. LOL! Actually, it's just been sort of hectic since the end of June - three festivals in three months - I guess "giving it a shot" was more involved than I had formerly realized. : )