Wednesday, August 16, 2006

From The Mad Den

Although I'm sure that it's a good thing I told the Full Sail artist relation person in charge of our files that he should send 24 bit instead of 16 bit. At some point in time in the near future, this will seem like a really useful decision and there will be rejoicing of celebration.

Right now, I need to convert all those files, individually split stereo files, dry - from 24 bit to 16 bit before importing them into Garageband for mixdown. It's a little involved, say.

But it's yielding good stuff, tracks that will definitely end up on the album. I'm trying to keep it simple, but that concept just isn't being sold to all the members of the band (in my head), so simple isn't even on the menu for further discussion. The question is, whether or not to put some fairly more progressive stuff on there, nothing too wild - but maybe some drum loops, cranked down really gritty and dirty - get something really native going on. Thinkin' on this one.

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