Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some new recordings

My flight leaves in eight hours, what the hell am I still doing up? Oh. Printing business cards, finalizing the whole packing thing, charging up camera batteries, etc. Earlier, I did a quick update to my website which included some new recordings that I've been working on in anticipation of next week's Full Sail sessions. Posted on the music page, in addition to what's already there, are clips of "Soldier's Joy", "En Avant Deux" and "Edelweiss." "Soldier's Joy" is a mite sloppy, but I've been combining versions and trying to get it up to speed, simply fascinated by Don Pedi's ability to dampen strings as he's strumming them to beat all hell.

It doesn't matter how late I stay up, really, since I'm hoping to fall asleep in the plane (with perhaps some Makers Mark to aid the cause.) Flying isn't my favorite sport and I know I'm not alone in that ballpark. Just don't be the hapless soul stuck next to ol' Sawin' Logs, here.

There's an actual link to the weekend's events that I hadn't noticed before. After surfing around to the various performer sites, I'm now way more stoked than ever to be heading up that way. Fer cryin' out loud, Jean Ritchie is gonna be there. How cool is that?

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