Sunday, July 23, 2006

Now Back To Work You Dog

Took a walk, took a walk outside. Got a glimpse of the sun inside, another chance to evaluate another life to continuate...

I hate the city. It makes me cringe.

My studio is on the edge of the house, in what used to be a porch, but is now a covered office that is the hottest spot in the plan. And when it rains, water pours under the door. And my speakers blew out today - or at least the receiver did, because the speakers are pretty good. And I was recording some tracks and just shut the whole thing down and said "$#%@ it."

The angels and devils were in full force tonight and I'm pleased to say that it was tie. Actually, if you were to go on my own thoughts, I'd say that the angels kicked much devil ass, especially when it came to me singing "Flip Side" between sets. It was Zeke's birthday tonight at Holly's and Dolly's and I brought Joline, an acoustic, and was totally unprepared to be as plugged in as was House Party, the band of the evening. Still, it was a fun short set - did "Cotton Eyed Joe" and "Soldier's Joy" while a good portion of people tried their damndest to figure out what the hell it was all about. Wild Bill ran the sound and I had a single SM-57 pointed towards the lower right sound hole, but it wasn't quite enough. Ended up tuning down from DAD to GGC for "Flip Side", which I could've done just acapella, considering how much dulcimer made it out. It felt good - Zeke offered up some filler.

The angels and devils were so obvious tonight - and I got home about 0:30 - (just after midnight) - realigned. Oh, the storm to come.

Great conversations with Johnny Lahr formerly of Johnny's Rockin' Bistro and the band Nightwing. It was through Tim Williams and Johnny's pizza place that I got my first taste of the Orlando music scene, and we tread through many memories tonight that he had forgotten, but we had shared - and as they came flooding back through my gleefull recollection, we had a good yuk or five - God, history is so important, isn't it?

A great night - Zeke is 45 - he was instrumental at our wedding and the video tells the story. (Haven't seen the wedding video? I might just have to upload this - it's quite the fun.)

Fergle-Bergle, 5 am comes early - another week of this lifting heavy crap for 40 hours - wait, nah - Friday's a no-go, because I'm on a plane for Kentucky pretty early. Four days of lifting heavy crap, then bye-bye-bye.

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