Monday, July 31, 2006

Dulcimerica Vol. 1: prepus morus

There are more than a fair share of Irish tunes that are going to be on the disc, but one of the originals, "Please Bury Me By The River Shannon", has more of a western feel to it, which suggests an immigrant who doesn't want to die in a foriegn land. Although the tune doesn't have lyrics yet, the title is clearly pronounced within the melody. Something interesting just happened as I recorded the demo. The song is in DAA and the chords are D - Bm - A - G. The melody swirls against the chords in 3/4 time, referring to the minor just about every other measure, giving it an occasionally dark feel. At one point, I goofed and played a G instead of the Bm, which I made a mental note to clear up later. But listening back, it really gave the tune even more of a cowboy feel, so that little "accident" is going to be recreated on the final recording. I love when that happens.

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