Monday, July 10, 2006

Oy, So Busy!

And I'm Yiddish all of a sudden this week. Since getting back from Kentucky, it's been non-stop madness, plowing back into work, the Fourth of July holiday slipping in somewhat mid-week and throwing everything off, and then booking a wedding playing dulcimer down on Smathers Beach in Key West this past weekend. Jae went along for this trip and it was a whirlwind affair, driving down on Friday night after work and coming back yesterday, so I spent most of last week working on repertoire and rehearsing a version of the wedding march that that been requested by the bride and groom. It was a lovely wedding, the weather was beautiful and the reception was at a place on Duval Street - which led us to have dinner at Two Friends, which then led to karaoke, which then led to a long night getting back to my sister-in-law's house on the island.

Just before we left for the Keys, I posted a new version of "Monster" at, which is getting some decent comments - some for the music and mixing, some for the content, which is awesome; it's nice to know there are more folks out there who feel that America needs a good old-fashioned enema, starting from the top!

I also wrote a new song today, it came out of nowhere (ha!) and when I get it demoed up - here it will debut. It's quite unlike anything I've ever written before, part Van Halen and part roadhouse rant. It's fun, and very crazy - recorded the idea using the Dulcitar and Garageband 3. I'll tell you, it's so nice to be able to write without worrying about what key I'm in. Chromatics are a nice compositional tool, ayuh!

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