Monday, July 17, 2006

Some new recordings...

..I've been trying to get some tunes together for my sister-in-law to play for folks who may want to book me for weddings down in Key West. So, with every conceivable amount of noise going on outside this city window (sudden hellacious thunderstorm, sirens, hip-hoppin' bass cars, etc.), I knocked out a few pieces that I've been working on and because I had to keep doing them over and over, actually got some practice in as well. Here are a couple of links:

"Why Walk When You Can Fly" (intro) - Originally a song by Mary Chapin Carpenter, it was covered by Butch Ross, one of my instructors at Kentucky Music Week, on his album Moonshiner's Atlas and he subsequently taught both the intro and the solo version of the song in his workshop. The intro has become one of my favorite pieces to play because it's so free-flowing, very lyrical and has a nice amount of lick-age in it. The recording is terrible, there's some kind of heinous noise at the outset, but it clears away in time to let the song sing out.

Planxty Fanny Power (or Poer, if you're a purist) - One of Turlough O'Carolan's most recognizeable tunes, it's a sweet, sweet song and I've finally got my head somewhat around it.

I've probably got another couple of days recording until I have enough to put together a wide variety of song samples, which I'll then edit into an audio montage for prospective brides and grooms. Maybe I'll wait for a day when there aren't any ear-splitting claps of thunder outside the window, though it was kind of cool - the directional mic didn't pick it up well enough to be a neat effect - just sounds like a hip-hop car going by.

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