Wednesday, July 12, 2006

KMW Recollections Part 1

As I review video from Kentucky Music Week, as well as a host of pictures from the event, I'm overwhelmed with just how much stuff was going on. In fact, "stuff" is the right nomenclature here because it was sort of the educational and social equivalent of that feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner. You're happy, this is true - and you're also really ready to take a nap. Since I kind of hit the ground running upon returning to Orlando, there hasn't been much time to pause and reflect - though I've diligently been practicing what I learned in Bardstown and it's refreshing to note that a goodly portion of it seems to have stuck.

Brought home a whole bunch of repertoire, so that's been part of the daily practice routine. Just basically playing them over and over again until they become somewhat ingrained in memory, a technique that Don Pedi accentuates in his workshops. He doesn't deny the importance of getting history down on paper - but his emphasis is on "feeling" the music, letting it resonate inside of you until you can play it without ever reading a note. And if you must use the music, then hum to yourself while you play - and it helps to imprint the tune into your head. Of course, without Don Pedi here in the living room, sheet music helps (although I did pick up his DVD and am itching to get to it.)

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