Thursday, June 02, 2005

When Inspiration Falls

Waiting out a bit of the wet here in Key West. It's supposed to be gray and slick on the road back to Orlando, so Jae and I are planning on a long, slow slag up the Turnpike. It's been a blissful week and continues to be. We just booked a sweet gig (details to come), and we'll be going in for the final final mix sometime next week, if schedules permit.

It's really coming down out there. A complete 180-degrees from the blue skies and light breezes of our first couple of days here. Picture postcard material. But as the nature of all things is comprised of delicate opposites that result in balance, with every still, sunny day comes a turbulent, rainy one, right?

On one of these blissfully still and sunny days, a song presented itself to me in the form of a falling piece of fruit. It must've been minutes after contemplating a mango and a swimming pool that words and melody fell into my head. So I ran and got the dulcimer from our suite and came back downstairs to work out the first little bits:

Pool of serenity
you sure look good to me
sun kisses your ripples
and I long for you

Realizing immediately that somewhere at some point, people would begin substituting "nipples" for "ripples", but sa la vie.

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