Sunday, June 12, 2005

An Extraordinary Friday

We rehearsed on Friday this week, another way of trying to make schedules meet up in our ever-increasingly crazy paths. So, knowing there was no work to get up for the next day, we laid in slow and casual, still with a head full of work to accomplish.

*sigh* I love this band.

And God bless 'em, they're all fresh and ready for the next wave, even while they all put in incredible hours throughout the framework of their lives; the container that is their lives. Work, school, home, family, somewhere in there, leisure, all bundled together with this thing that we've got, which is part work, and part school, part home and part family, most definitely part leisure and sometimes even part sex and part fantasy. All wrapped up in one big taco. That's one hell of a taco.

We're all agreeing that the CD sounds great - the two instrumental dulcimer tracks could come down in overall volume, and David's requested that I keep an ear out for track to track changes. This would mean that the next session will put the lock-down on our work and send us off into the next phase of production, which is duplication and printing. What company to go through for our CD packages? Discmakers, Discmasters, DiskFaktory, there's no shortage of resources out there. But which is the best one?
That and I've got to finish designing the inside booklet.

Anyway - rehearsal was a smash, the vocals were strong across the board, our dynamics sound and assured. We talked about our game plan for The Bamboo Room next week and what kind of crowd we might be expecting. Fortunately, as an Americana band (which basically means we're musical mutts), we can work the spectrum of styles depending on the audience, but eventually, we'll do something that's maybe outside of one's preference. There aren't many bands who can rock with the best of them, and then go and play country standards for senior citizens. I love bands like Gargamel! to death, but I'd like to see them play a home and gardens show!

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