Thursday, June 16, 2005

Welcome To The Future

Man, the internet is big.

And things sure have changed with music distribution since I started in this biz over twenty years ago. I've been popping around the web looking for places to plant mp3's from clear blue trickling and there's no shortage of them.

Traditional broadcast radio and the record industry have been threatened by new developments in technology and the tastes of listeners, but it's looking even more dire now as people switch to so-called "pay-radio" services like satellite radio or take control of their listening experiences by subscribing to podcasts or buying their songs piecemeal at the number of sites that are springing up online. For a band, this is good, yet daunting, news. The good news is, you can promote your album without ever having to leave the house. One particular site, HELLTHY Entertainment, actually serves as a sort of distribution channel for podcasters and music fans to pull from; a channel that bands can pour themselves into. Check out this page. As you can see, Mohave's been here.

We're still going to send review copies out to traditional sources, broadcast radio, paper publishing, etc. - but this whole other network is the wave of the future for music. Pretty soon, they'll be able to pipe it right into our brains......

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