Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Waiting for the results....

As far as I'm concerned, the first album is done.

Of course, I had to settle that last tickling conflict, so I re-tracked some of the vocals on "Positive Vibes" and put everyone's notes on the disc into play at David's. Now, with something of a relief rush, I'm absolutely 100% thrilled with clear blue trickling.

I dished out copies to everyone last night along with the newest designs for the album liners. Rehearsal was intense, the summer heat has come on with a vengeance that's more Jamaica-hot than Orlando-hot and not even the faithful air-conditioner in our practice space could take the edge off of the humidity. That and a busy workweek had us moving a little slower, but still intent on getting the most out of the time, which was spent working out parts of songs and sweating like marathon runners.

Once everyone signs off on this version of the disc, it'll be time to take the next step, which is sending the whole package, music and design, to a manufacturer of our choice. We're getting closer.

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