Thursday, June 23, 2005

Garageband News

Two tracks from clear blue trickling have been voted "Track Of The Day" over at

"Ring-A-Ding" will be prominently featured on the main Americana page Monday, June 27th. That's crazy-good visibility on a site that gets hundreds of thousands of hits every day!

"Gold Trails Hotel" will be on the Folk main page Wednesday, June 29th. "Track Of The Day" is based upon above-average ratings from reviewers. If you haven't been to - check it out - it'd be nice to win a $250,000 recording deal, but I think we can get along fine without it. Don't let J.D. hear that.

I'm mailing out the first review copies today; a radio station in upstate New York, a couple of podcasting stations, one local website. I'm being very careful about not springing all of our ping-pong balls at once. Just a little at a time.

I'm looking forward to rehearsal this evening - the last rehearsal was, okay I'm a cheeseball, but they keep getting better and better. The step where we were at before was an excellent place to be, because it was a step above what came before it. When our stock's going up, how can I not be happy? And we just have a damn fun time too, so it's a great time to just be "us."

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