Thursday, June 09, 2005

Feel It

we're living in a program
final exam
hoping to be spared a God damn

it's so real, you can't believe it
that you managed to achieve it
with a game plan

I see how we want to be remembered
I see how we prepare to fly


look into these eyes, don't blink
what do you see
brave the connection
look into these eyes, don't blink
you must remember me
brave the connection
brave the resurrection

taking a picture of the essence
begins to make sense
how come we're always on the defense?

camera sees what we're denying
but no-one's buying
you've got to live it like you're dying

I see how we want to be remembered
I see how we prepare to go

Copyright © 2005 J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.
All rights reserved.

I had hoped that David would have a few hours spare today before the whole band got together and worked out what would effectively, should effectively be the final night of tweaks. In theory, we'd all get a CD from this and listen to it for the next week, to be sure that we've got what it is that we think we've got. As he said today, "we could work on this album forever", as he was finding yet another cool little thing to throw into the mix. It's been through recording clear blue trickling that I've matured as a perfomer, and that has a lot to do with the trust that I have in David Schweizer.

There were a couple of little notes that I had from the last burn, but I also wanted to re-track the vocals on "Black Indian" and "See You Next Wednesday." I'm glad that I did. Just wasn't feeling the other ones, and "Positive Vibes" is borderline, but at least it's got some style. The other two song tracks were spotty, so I basically filled in the holes, because my attempts at recording enough tracks to cover the basics, sort of ended up where it needed to be. Coooool.

And again I marvel at Randy's bass playing - he is the secret weapon, sort of like Tom Petersson with Cheap Trick. How do you think Rick Nielsen could afford to costume change, guitar switch and throw picks into the audience? Tom Petersson! Though it looks as if he's hanging back way loose, this guy, co-inventor of the instrument that he plays, 12-string bass, is back there holding down the bass and the guitar leads, he's a one-man friggin' band. So's Randy - really, the architect of Mohave. So we have, the Medicine Man, The Architect - who next?

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