Friday, June 24, 2005


Last night's rehearsal was shakin', man. We alternate between running through songs that we know, to keep them tight, and working through songs new to the band, in order to bring 'em to the table. We probably have about three and a half to four hours of material under our belts, which means we can break out with the Bruce Springsteen-sized set if so inspired.

Today would be just another day of sending out press kits and MP3 files to various radio stations and magazines, but one of my external hard drives is suddenly on the fritz; the one with all of our promotional materials on board.

After cursing loudly for a minute or so, I sent some positive energy over to it and gave the unit a once-over. I'm thinking maybe it's a power cord. I'm hoping it's not the drive itself that's gone wankers on me. There are plenty of data recovery companies out there, so I'm not worried - it's the inconvenience of it all. We simply can't afford unreasonable costs at this point, but as it is a business thang - we need to get this drive up and running. And soon.

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