Friday, January 23, 2009

This may hurt a little - but it's COOL!

Rock's Holy Grail

"The most famous chord in all of rock & roll" -- Rolling Stone Magazine, March 2001

"quirky, arresting, unmistakably original - the musical equivalent of the song's title" -- Mark Hertsgaard, A Day In The Life: The Music And Artistry Of The Beatles

"A hijacked church bell announcing the party of the year" -- Guitarist Magazine, December 2000

"[the opening chord] pretty much defined the sound of an era" -- Guitarist, Dec 2000

"The opening chord of the song was like an amazing wake-up call" -- Joey Ramone, Guitar World, August 2000

And so starts The Beatles' classic song (and film) "A Hard Day's Night". The song needs no introduction - that chord tells you all you need to know. Within a second of its jarring onset, you can identify the song. Not only that, but that chord IS rock 'n' roll. Like Michael Lewis in "The 100 Best Beatles Songs", I'm glad they removed John Lennon's count-in to the song - it wouldn't have been nearly so effective! I don't think there is any other chord in history that has received so much praise, and has courted so much controversy.

It's undoubtedly fantastic... but what the heck is it?

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