Monday, January 05, 2009

Simon Brothers Mercantile: The Real Deal!

Roosevelt, Texas « A Landing a Day
Travelling through the westernmost stretches of the Hill Country on Interstate 10, the speed limit is 80 mph through Kimble county. But 18 miles west of the city of Junction, release the cruise control, take the Roosevelt exit onto Loop 291 and stop to experience Simon Bros. Mercantile, a general store containing a picturesque post office, antiques, cafe, gasoline and much more.

Well talk about stumbling upon something. This story from Fall of 2007 by Wanda Blackburn was reposted last month on "A Landing A Day"; a weblog by graywacke. Now, I didn't know this, but apparently the lyrics to "Simon Brothers Mercantile", which I wrote back in 2001, are actually posted on the Simon Brothers website.

It all brings back rather nice memories of the place - the song still hasn't been recorded by a full band, but I've performed it in a few places and, sure enough, a video from a performance at Jerry Rockwell's SEODFest in Ohio (2006) is also posted on the Simon Brothers site. The web truly makes this a small world (and an even smaller country.)

Gotta stop in and say "howdy" to Clay next time I'm driving down Interstate 10 - maybe this summer. And hopefully, the Back Door Cafe will be open this time!

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