Friday, June 02, 2006

Back, But Not Quite Yet

We left for Key West on the 27th, blew down the state in roughly seven hours and didn't look back.

Today, we returned to Orlando but we're not yet back from vacation. Hell, it's still Friday.

We had a blast; Jae and I enjoy the same things about the island, so we just flit about, as some of these pictures show. The traditional sailing on the Liberty schooner took place on May 30th, our second anniversary. The PT boat attacked us again, guns a-blazing, though we saw it coming. It always scares a few people.

Mainly we just lost ourselves in love for a week in one of our favorite places, tuned in and dropped out. We are now in the re-entry phase of "dropping back in."


starfaerie said...

sounds like you guys had a blast! wish I could have been there! :)

Rock on~

Forest Lady said...

Those are great pictures. You and your wife look so happy together. Makes me want to take a vacation!