Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dulcimer Days

The only electronic device that I spent any real length of time with was my tuner, while down in Key West. Joline and Angelique came for the ride. Kicking back is always a major priority when we go down there, so this time around featured more "kicking back with a dulcimer." The first time Jae and I went to Key West and during subsequent visits, I ended up playing short sets at the American Legion on Stock Island or providing pre-Thanksgiving dinner entertainment. This year, my sister-in-law Sherri asked me to play some tunes before our cookout on Wednesday for some members of the American Legion, which resulted in an invite to come play for the Legion after they finished repairs following Hurricane Wilma. The post got smacked up pretty good (pictures of a refrigerator stuck to the ceiling spring to mind), but the downstairs bar was coming along sweetly.

I've been all about the practice, trying to get my chops up for Kentucky Music Week, which is June 25th through 30th. The room's booked, the enrollment form and check sent in - it's Bardstown, Kentucky or bust!

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