Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Loving Jae

I married my fine and funny wife two years ago this coming weekend; we're really looking forward to revisiting the scene of the crime. We had the best wedding ever, a tropical week-long blast down in Key West with family and friends that was emblematic of our relationship. Wild, wacky, gorgeous, fun, surreal, joyful and intense. That's us in a nutshell.

She's in New York on business at the moment, so it's the cats, the dog, the snake and me, planted solidly in the studio with everything I need at arm's reach. I love you honey. But when you go - I dive headfirst into work in lieu of pining. Besides, we talk often enough during the day to make it better. The fact that we still act like newlyweds is both an endearing feature of our marriage and something that makes us infinitely hateable, to the point of scorn and derision. If we had a petrodollar for every time someone said to us "Geez, get a room", I could personally pay down the national trade deficit.

As we head back down to Key West (where we have family), it's a beautiful and amazing consideration, these past couple of years. Never could I have forseen the blessings of life at this stage in the big, crazy cycle. Never could I have imagined loving a woman the way that I love Jae - an all-encompassing, spiritually connected love that knows how to dodge sudden cracks in our Earth steps and fallen branches in our paths.

A love of dual abundance and sacrifice, of bright highs and dark lows, of balance and perpetuity. She is inspiration and salvation, little girl and all woman. She's my wife. And I really, really like her. And to paraphrase a certain musical "she lo-oves me, and I love her, and she lo-oves me for loving her and I lo-ove her for loving me and we love each other. Because neither of us got enough love in our childhoods. And that's showbiz. Kid."

Happy Anniversary, Baby!



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