Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dulcitar Update

Earlier on the phone today, Doug said that the Dulcitar was just about ready and would be shipped probably "by Tuesday." Which means that I won't be making any plans to do anything outside of the house next weekend, just making a mental note of that at this point.

As an anniversary gift, Jae contacted Doug and made an upgrade on a component that will come in really handy. He said that it sounds incredibly good, which is enough to get me salivating all the more. Though this is the second Dulcitar ever made (making the distinction of a Doug MacCormack Dulcitar, as opposed to some of the other instruments referred to as "dulcitar"), it is the first one with dual P-bass pickups. We talked a little bit about the mix between the two single-coil pickups and the Piezo pickup that's also installed to give the solid-body instrument an acoustic setting. It was real neat talking to him, he really does love the craft of creating and the gift of performing. Doug seems as excited as I am to get her out there in front of people and I promised some recordings of early test runs, when I open her up and see what she can do. We also talked about string gauges, what he's been using and what I'm used to using, so that he can cut the nut and bridge into equi-distant optional stringing. Being a solidbody, the body can take more string pressure - he says he's using .052 gauge for the bass string. This might give me the chance to try out a violin or ukelele tuning as well. Nice.

More pictures to come, but the wait is almost over. I could just dance.

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