Friday, March 04, 2005

Ready to hit the road

Last night's rehearsal was fantastique! We're at a delightful stage now where J.D. has been fully indoctrinated into the tribe and knows enough of our back catalog to facilitate playing an entire evening of original material. With 17 songs down in the studio, we've earned the leisure of kicking back in rehearsals and jamming loosely, working on new material and letting the cosmic flow do what the cosmic flow is wont to do. One of our newer tunes, "Nine One One", is starting to take on a distinctly Coldplay type of vibe, not out of imitation, but by simply assessing the music after it's erupted out of us.

This weekend's show at Tobacco Road will be fun - and Jae and I have a little surprise to spring on the band once we're down there. We'll have pictures upon our return. Everyone have a great weekend!

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