Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Poppin' in

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show at The Haven! We were just about out of time, so it was sweet of you to scream for an encore - which miss Dani-O helped us to deliver oh so nicely! They would like us to return to play New Year's Eve, which is quite an honor - we're all gonna discuss the possibilities this week at rehearsal.

More work will take place on the albums this week - but I thought I'd let you in on the names. The first release, with about nine songs, will be entitled clear blue trickling after Bunky's lyric in "The Miner and His Music". The second album with the remaining songs will be called turn smoke traffic. There's a mystical reason for this second title, see if you can figure it out!

And now - it's off to the Fiasco to finish this documentary I'm working on. We'll have more news soon, plus word of our live album, featuring performances from The Bamboo Room, Hard Rock Live and the Back Booth!

Much love!

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