Monday, March 07, 2005

Hello Miami!

Mohave had a splendid time in Miami this past weekend - Tobacco Road was great, treated us nice, fed us well, and the crowd was very attentive and appreciative. We got lots of wonderful comments saying that we were one of the best bands ever to play there, which is quite a kick, considering the pedigree of the place and the littany of artists who have graced the two stages there. It was also incredibly heartening to hear shouts of "encore, encore!" at 2:30 in the morning as we began to wrap up our third and final set. What a blast!

Despite a potentially disastrous development (we forgot to bring some important speaker cables) and some technical glitches, we proved once again that once this boat is floating, there's no way to sink it - and our fearless debut of "The Irish In Me" went off without a hitch. So we're in a great shape for a much different audience that will be present at tomorrow's show when we return to the Central Florida Fair!

It was also nice just hanging with everyone - sitting around, drinking coffee, laughing, loving, enjoying life. My sister-in-law and her daughter and fiancee' came up from Key West, making it a real family affair. Nice vibes all around!

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