Friday, March 25, 2005

The Calm Before The Storm

Something big is coming soon, something that will change your tune....

Sorry, the subject title triggered a Sparks song lyric - happens all the time.

Last night's rehearsal was incredible, it's amazing the progress we make each time the band gets together. Songs we've been doing for awhile continue to tighten up and details are worked on; then the newer tunes are developing with alarming speed. All across the board, our confidence levels are boosting, due muchly in part to the feedback we've gotten from audiences at our most recent shows. It's really exciting - and I know that we're only at the beginning of an incredible ride.

Speaking of which - as we begin the wrap-up to recording, we're beginning to make plans for the two albums, strategy that involves getting it out into the public for review and also into the hands of people who can help us in getting gigs and licensing deals. I don't know that we're terribly interested in getting your standard record deal, since that kind of thing tends to destroy a lot of bands because it's mostly all about the money. Sure, it would be nice to support ourselves and our families with our music, but that's not the reason we play in the first place! It would be much nicer to get the right deal - and who knows how you really go about doing that?

In the meantime, I'm starting to compile a list of magazines, both print and online, that we can send copies of the music to. Also, outlets for selling the records, like CdBaby and more. When it comes to getting your music out there, it's a numbers game - the more presence you have, the more likely someone will have the chance to hear you. Here are a few resources so far:,,310-I--2,00.html [we should go to this!] - banner exchanges - article

Well, I guess that's good for now.

Turns out that my subject line may be a bit prophetic - we've got tornado warnings in effect around here. Time for me to jet!

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