Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Catching Up

Man, it's been a busy week; I'm scheduling time to make time for time. Crazy, i'n't'?

We're all real excited about playing Tobacco Road this coming Saturday. We've had a little time off (if you can count recording an album as "time off") so we're pumped to go! It looks like we're going to be debuting some of the new music soon. "The Irish In Me" is just about ready for prime time and another one, kindasorta titled "It Was Just Meant To Be", is quickly taking form in rehearsals with Bunky taking the lead vocals and the guys singing backup.

The recording is going fantastic - it's just a breeze to work with David Schweizer because he cares about the music and has a great ear. Dave's been an active participant in shaping the sound of the record - we're excited to get onto the mixing bit. We've still got some Melodica parts to record and our guest stars will soon come in to add their flavors. A little keyboard production and our vocals, then we're ready to select the songs for the first album. We've already got a second CD in the can - how silly is that? Call it our "Kill Bill" volumes one and two, right?

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