Saturday, November 19, 2005

whoa, th a's deep!

Neon Tiki
© 1997 Fajita Musik/J.O.B. Entertainment

been a long time comin', no doubt, can't wait no longer, give me tiki
I've searched this world throughout for a thing that gets me wild and freaky
to the desert, to the oceans, it's a myth that stalks my head at night
in the limestone, beneath the lava, maybe I'll get lucky, huh?

on every street in every town, standing on a corner, lookin' for a bit of the light
they say, "hey man, get on with your life", but I can't relent the search for neon tiki
in the city, out in the country, in a book or an egg or a voodoo doll
dripping sweet from a poison grapevine or a message on the wall

I'm looking for a neon tiki (you will never find this tiki)
auwe-ah, yes I will

it came to me in a dream, now I find I gotta have it or I think I'm gonna forfeit my mind
in the words of a muse or the eyes of an angel, a tear from a painter's brush
it's the whim and the joy and the glee, it turns my brain to mush
to the racetrack, down in the subway, upon a jet leaving Tuesday night
without a care for the cost or the consequence, I'm there in coach, watching movies in flight I hate flying

I'm looking for a neon tiki (you will never find this tiki)
auwe-ah, yes I will

I wish I had a way to show you
what it's like, why it's here, where it hangs, what it sees, how it lives
how it breathes, where it grows, how it glows, watch it dance and know why I need it

I've been demoing this song for the past day or so; it's an oldie - been played out maybe once, I think. It's actually the first song structure that I ever wrote, probably back in 1982, when it was called "Out Of The Darkness." Some years later, I cannabalized it, changed the lyrics, swung the arrangement and dubbed it "Neon Tiki" - 1997.

Over the years, the song has been about that unquenchable quixotic thirst - the one thing that you're really looking for, that always seems to elude you. And though naysayers may tell you that you won't find it - you push ahead, because dreams do come true, after all.

Don't they?

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