Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Before This Moment Passes

before this moment passes
music and lyrics by bing futch

Do you remember the days left dry
in the blink of a century, in the wink of an eye?
do you remember the days when life was hell
and hell was a lot like life?

Hey, hey the band will play, can you recall?
heigh-ho, the merry-oh, anything at all?
hey, hey the band will play, can you feel the pain?
heigh-ho, the merry-oh, unless you fall

went to sleep in the land of the free
woke up; the world's enemy
I cry to the sky, "we are but rain"
we fall to the Earth and rise again"

hey, hey the band will play
everybody look and find a partner
heigh-ho, the merry-oh
everybody raise your glasses

hey, hey the band will play
allemande left til you look into the sunrise
heigh-ho, the merry-oh
before this moment passes

© 2005 J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.

I didn't see this one coming at all. Well, that's a lie.

The first verse was written on August 5th at 12:22. That's 24-hour time. I don't know why I go by 24-hour time, or so-called "European" or "Army" time, it helps keep my days and nights straight, no piddling about with this AM and PM thing.

The second verse was written in May of this year, best I can tell - didn't date that one.

It's an odd little bugger, ain't it? It's got a wacked out tribal groove that's part First Nations, part Celtic and a little Nine Inch Nails. The groove and music came last night - the idea to put them with these words came today. The bass and drums are loops in my Garageband library - there are a couple of other atmospheric loops and a whole lot of voice dubbing.

Queer as a quiet Saturday night in Times Square, but it's got something going on -

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