Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Back To School

I'm excited to be heading north for Kentucky Music Week in January, which is actually the winter version of the popular festival that takes place closer to summer. There will be some dulcimer workshops and performances - and I'm looking forward to meeting Nancy Johnson Barker, who organizes these two events. The possibility of teaching dulcimer workshops at the summer event is a possibility, so I've been teaching myself some dulcimer solos out of the Dulcimer 2000 Mel Bay book that Ken from Everything Dulcimer gave to me, to strengthen my repertoire. The majority of my twenty years playing dulcimer has been spent focusing on rhythmic cords for accompaniement - so it's back to school to pick up some eja-ma-kashun.

Of course, "school" is anywhere that there are fellow dulcimer players willing to share a secret or two.

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