Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dulcimeris Interrupti

Well, hell. I was all set to attend a dulcimer jam tonight, but my schedule got rear-ended, now the next one isn't until December 6th. Guess that gives me some more time to brush up my hammer-on's.

I've been talking with Kerry over at Gila Mountain Dulcimers about a custom southwestern-style model and we're going over specs for the instrument (the most notable spec - "how much is it gonna cost me?") And it's looking like I'll be taking a part time job at the mall or something. As a packing/gift-wrapping elf.

I leave you with these vital words,
which I've plucked from the vault;
if we don't learn that fire burns,
it's not the fire's fault!
- 12-21-03 12:57

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1 comment:

Luce said...

Hey, Bing, you do some really great stuff with that dulcimer...keep up the good work...