Friday, April 15, 2005


We're a featured band blog at, which makes us feel all warm and sappy! Members of the Babylon Cowboys (see my blog roll) put it together and keep it running. Kudos to them for spreading the love!

Well, I went to have Halcyon intonated yesterday and Patrick was very kind, setting her up and charging me zip. He knows I'll keep coming back.

Problem is, last night at rehearsal, she was still sort of wonky, not too badly, but enough to warrant more tuning than I cared to engage in. Patrick had mentioned that I probably needed to let my strings coil around the gears more, as they might be slipping. Also, Randy suggested that I get thicker strings, as that seems to be a quick solution for intonation problems across the board. I did bump up to .018's, or at least tried to - but I kept breaking them, so I've settled for .016's. I managed to get up to a .030 on the bass string, we'll see how that goes. Instead of bugging Patrick again, (he's pretty busy), now's as good a time as any to try adjusting her at home. So I'm off to Home Depot to pick up some allen wrenches. Even so, Angelique will probably be the key dulcimer this Saturday at the Sierra Club show - with Halcyon making an appearance on some of the rowdier tracks.

More later - I've got some quick design work to do for The Mad Scientist.

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