Monday, April 04, 2005

She's Arrived

She's Arrived
Posted by: dreadmon.
Well sir, she's arrived and I'm pretty doggone happy about that. I've named her Halcyon (to find out why, check out this post from one of my other blogs) and she's got a sweet voice for a solidbody. I took her down to Guitar Center where Patrick McKinney was waiting to drill some strap buttons in. Patrick's the guy who helped bring Angelique to life, my shallowbody electric dulcimer that features sound hole design by Donna Ford. I had him lower the action on Angelique to improve her intonation. When the strings are too high, they bend more when your fingers hit them, resulting in notes that are slightly off-pitch.

With the arrival of Halcyon, my hunger for a Bud Ford original "Bandit" returned with a fury, so I dropped a line to the legendary dulcimer-maker to see if I could renew my pursuit of this Holy Grail of dulcimers. More on that story later, for I must go pick up my wife from work!

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