Thursday, April 21, 2005

What was that, a speed-bump?

Sometimes you take speed-bumps so quick, they don't even register. From where I stood, there was a wee bit of tension Tuesday night, but it was resolved before we left the room. The struggle to maintain "real jobs" while pouring so much into the band is a tough one for everybody, it's a miracle that our schedules work out as wonderfully as they do. This week has been especially tough as we try to coordinate our comings and goings with the comings and goings of our studio engineer. Speaking of which, Randy and I were talking about how much David's put his magical touch on the recording process (and will be magically doing even more as we begin to mix tomorrow). Not in an intrusive way, just another set of ears and helpful suggestions, watchfulness born of objectivity. We'd like to give him a co-producer credit. I'll bring it up tonight at rehearsal.

Last night's vocal tracking session went smoothly and we've got a few more tracks "in the can" as far as recording - the runway is cleared for mixing. Tomorrow, I'm going in early to do some vocals, a bit of keyboard seasoning and to begin the post-production process. I'm actually knocking off work early today to begin charting parts for our guest stars on violin and cello. We'll have banjo on a couple of songs, some mandolin, some nylon classical guitar and God knows what else - it's starting to resemble a concept album ala Pink Floyd. Yessir and Yes'm!

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