Sunday, April 10, 2005

A Day Off, What's That?

It was such a beautiful weekend, it didn't seem right to spend it inside at all! After Friday night's marathon web-site development (I promised it would be up and running Friday evening), Jae and I went to Cypress Gardens and spent most of the day admiring flowers, plants and animals. We rode a couple of the new rides, listened to a bit of Travis Tritt, picked up annual passes and pledged to return again soon.

Today, while Jae took care of some music business, I worked on my sunburn while re-working our flower beds and doing some planting. Then I wrote a song called "Breaking News" that was commissioned by the playwright of a show that will open May 19th at the Fringe Festival. There are plans to turn it into a movie after it closes, and they wanted a song both to play prior to the performance and also to run over the film's closing credits. The words and music came quicker than I expected and I made a quick demo in Garageband using drum loops, two tracks of dulcimer, some keyboard bass and three vocal tracks. I'm still trying to settle the melody and harmonies, so there'll be a demo that's not embarassing ready soon.

Tomorrow, I'm going back into Dave's studio to add harmonies and re-do three of the 17 tracks. Although I may've been able to technically do them better, the feeling is more important to me, plus I wanted our album to reflect the spontaneity of our live shows. But the three tracks I'm redoing, they were pretty heinous!

More with the dulcimer family tomorrow!

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