Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So, I'm a Freak, so what?

This band isn't even my life, and I'm still a freak about it. Mr. Mellow most of the time, trying so hard to be the right thing, do the right thing, let people be people and try to spare them drama whenever possible. I'm not a complainer, I'm a problem-solver, bitching is nothing without resolve. And when I get my freak on about the band in a passionate way, I don't feel guilty about putting it out there.

I'd like to see everybody put in an extra few hours a week rehearsing - tonight was the time to bring it up - we got there sooner than later. No big drama, but a venting of some frustrations, probably. It's family - it's a marriage. If you don't have "those" moments, then you're missing something - or not human.

All's well - we're going to add a rehearsal night, it'll all be flexible, a floating day perhaps, but the time has come to step to the plate, to stick our chest out at the end of a race, thrusting across the finish line, which is just the beginning of the next race. We need to be competitive, we need to hunger for the next step, and stepping up our game to support a great double-release is logically where we're headed.

Everyone agreed.

Vocal sessions last night, keyboard sessions today - vocal sessions tomorrow night, mixing and more vocal recording on Thursday and Friday.

I'm putting pressure on the coal to form the diamond.

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