Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too Much Of A Good Thing

UnHub Offers A Simple Way To Showcase The Online You
I’ll say it right off the bat: there’s a plethora of ways to bundle all your online identities (i.e. your social networking profiles) and share all of them using only one URL, so I know the one I’m going to introduce isn’t unique any way you look at it. That said, it’s lightweight, ridiculously easy and quick to set up, so you might want to take a look all the same.

The service is called UnHub and it was built earlier this month in just a couple of days, inspired by what sweets brand Skittles was bravely experimenting with using social media on its main website.

It's getting harder and harder to maintain an online presence across different platforms. Instead of saving time by employing these various applications, it just seems like you spend more time keeping up with all the enormous variety of portals available for your use. Could UnHub be a solution? If not in brand name, perhaps in technique and utility?

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