Sunday, March 08, 2009

Accidental History In Progress

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I'm not a Barenaked Ladies fan, though I enjoy their music. Jae and I made plans to go with my daughter, Casey, and her mom, Kelly, to Universal Studios Orlando yesterday for Mardi Gras where the BNL boys were scheduled to perform. After the mardi gras parade, we walked over to catch the band and they seemed a little "off" to me. An old friend I hadn't seen in ages mentioned something about this too, and there was much allusion from the stage about "new chapters" and whatnot. I Googled the band on the way home and discovered that founding member Steven Page had left the group and that there had been a fair amount of drama over the past year or so.

So, basically, we were witness to the first show without Page this evening. Very interesting to read the fans accounts of the concert and also some of the discussions on various BNL forum threads.

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