Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The First Of April.mp3

While diving into the music this past weekend, I decided to write some backing tracks for one of the MacJams.com guys, Leon Aguilar, to sing over. Leon's an up and coming writer/performer and I really like his style - so I cooked up "The First Of April."

Most of the sounds are dulcimer, including the long sustained, synthesizer-type notes that were created by using the EBow. The drums are edited loops, the bass is some edited loopage and some real-time input. The horns and strings at the end are sounds from my Roland Fantom keyboard and there are a couple of little effects here and there. It sounds, to me, a little like a David Bowie song - which is kinda cool. The odd song structure struck me as being "right" - with a big rocking bridge in place of a second verse and a large breakdown section with not a lot of drums. I'm eager to see what Leon comes up with - in the meantime, I've got some of my own ideas and designs about how this may translate.

Bing Futch - The First Of April.mp3

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