Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dulcitar News

The latest on the Dulcitar progress from creator Douglas MacCormack:

Its coming up on the end of May but it looks like I will need a couple more weeks. I chose to use Imron which goes on like glass but it is slow to fully cure for buffing and polishing. It us used on commercial aircraft and boats. I thank you for your patience as I know you must be jumping out of your skin by now. The end result will be worth it though. It's really coming to life in the past 2 weeks...

After a good deal of sanding (oddly enough, sanding is a "love-hate" thing for me. Must be all those kitchen cabinets I had to finish sand as a kid in the cabinet shop), it's time to seal up the wood, and apply a thin "reader" coat of black to help bring out remaining blemishes that are hard to see on bare wood. Sanding this coat will reveal high and low spots, small dents and scratches.

After those are sanded out, automotive gray primer is applied to fill up remaining defects. More sanding and fairing....

At last its time to apply the real basecoat black. Once again we go over the whole body with a fine tooth comb and take care of the tiniest of flaws. Imron, a 2 part aircraft finish, goes on like glass- thick, rich, deep, dark and delicious! 3 coats is plenty for this stuff. It wont be ready to buff for at least 6 days but it is dry enough after 3 days to handle gently.

It's out-of-control, just how psyched I am about this instrument. It really has become a defining part of this musical evolution and the attention to detail that Doug has been lavishing upon this wood is resulting in a seriously beautiful work of art. I'm proud to be the almost-owner of a truly unique instrument!

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