Thursday, August 11, 2005


I just wanted to take a moment to thank our extended tribe (which is how I like to refer to our fans - "fans" seems too far removed...) for their love and support - we mailed out quite a few tickets to folks who wanted to come out tomorrow night and that's just the coolest thing ever! It will never cease to amaze me that people enjoy the music and want to keep coming back, so we do our best to keep it interesting!

Speaking of interesting - Tuesday night's rehearsal was a good one, we missed Bunky (she's been working hard and out of state, much like Jae has) but got in a good solid punch-up of tunes old and new. I revised the setlist for tomorrow night because it was too long for one, and something in my gut said that it needed to be a little different. As a result, we're opening with a song tomorrow that we've NEVER opened with before - and it should be a real humdinger!

Later in the evening, Natalie Wright stopped in, she's the violinist that laid down tracks on "Cuckoo Tom", which will be on the next album. We worked on a couple of songs, "Floatin' Wally" and "Down To Earth." Now admittedly, she says she's not much of a fiddler, so the country feel of "Wally" sort of eluded her, though she had some great textures to add. "Down To Earth", she said, was more her style, and she added a screamingly good solo section in the hardcore breakdown that was chillingly appropriate - and I can't wait for us to break that out live. She won't be performing with us this Friday, I think we need to rehearse a couple more times, and she's down with that. But we're looking forward to working her in as another utility player, not only on violin, but also on keyboards and vocals!

In other news - Bareft Podcast played "Ring-A-Ding" on their most recent show and Audio On Demand played "Down to Earth" this week as well. Thanks to the podcasters who are helping get the word out about clear blue trickling!

We've got rehearsal tonight (with Bunky) and in a little while here, I'll be talking with the graphic designer at Total Tape Services to resolve a color-matching issue (whoa! The phone just rang and it was him - how WEIRD is that? Happens a lot around here...) and the color-matching issue isn't an issue - so the album is now officially in PRODUCTION! Which means in about fifteen days, the official version of clear blue trickling will be ready for shipping! Remember, you can order online now in the General Store on the Mohave website (now equipped with Pay-Pal for easy, secure online ordering!)

Lunchtime - gonna fry up some tilapia and wait for a phone call to pick Jae up from the airport. I've got a video project to finish today - so I'll sign off for now. Hope to see everyone out at the show tomorrow!

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