Monday, August 01, 2005

The Chosen One

Nah, it's nothing like you're thinking! Actually, after much shopping around and bargain-hunting, it looks like we've settled on Total Tape Services in Clearwater, Florida. This is the company that sent "70mm" through in 1994 - they still had my information on record from back then (tho' most of it was horribly outdated.)

We got a great deal (not gonna tell ya...) and after the paperwork is filled out, we basically ship clear blue trickling off to be duplicated on Wednesday morning. Due to the fact that we're all peanut-butter and cracker-eatin' PO', I had to make some compromises on the insert design - so we're going with just a basic four-page book, with acknowledgements and a vista of Nowhere, Nevada with the El Rey Drive-In Theater sign and a picture of the band melded with the summer sky.

J.D.'s been picking up some cool links that I'm going to send some material off to today. We're hungry, baby, hungry!

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