Monday, August 08, 2005

Rippin' and Roarin'

I haven't checked in because life has been tres' busy - had a few video projects to get finished, was on the road this weekend stirring up new business, but last Thursday's rehearsal was fantastic - we got a lot accomplished, including working through the set list for this Friday's show at Hard Rock. Talked through our upcoming shows and discussed ideas for the CD Release Powwow, which will happen in probably October or November.

"clear blue trickling" was sent off to Total Tape Services this morning - so it's all over but the waiting! I did some very last-minute adjustments to the CD insert, deciding not to repeat the outer tray card design on the inside, so I removed all of the lettering and added the picture we've been using of the "next gas 58 miles" sign. I haven't been able to check lately to see who's been playing us, but after I get this article written today, I will check around for new leads. Things are definitely on the move!

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