Tuesday, August 02, 2005

An Orgasmic Rush

Okay, maybe not total climax, but that's only because the "awkward sex" had to do with an little blonde girl who somehow got invited to our rehearsal tonight and proceeded to chatter, play songs on the piano, improvise Alanis Morrissete songs, dance madly about and proclaim that she was there to audition. We were all very polite, at first, and then became more firm as she basically annoyed the crap out of everyone in the room. Who was she? We still don't know. But we got through our first rehearsal back from break despite her distractions. Bunky wasn't there, but that was because of a miscommunication - we missed her, but worked through our proposed set of songs for the upcoming Hard Rock Live show. For not having played for about a month, everything sounded killer! Well, except for lack of Bunky, y'know. We're just not completely orgasmic without her. (Did I just write that?)

A cool sidenote to the upcoming show - Vision TV has asked if they could have clearance to tape our performance for their program on local television. Jae and have watched the show and were wondering how to get on there. Well, cease the wondering, eh?

A new podcast called Alt.Cast has included us in their newest show. Thanks to Chris Choi for picking us up from the Podsafe Music Network - a cool little network (okay, a cool BIG network) of podcasters and artists, seeking each other. It's so five minutes from now, like, perpetually. Why am I talking like the weird girl from rehearsal? It's catching, whatever it is.

Thanks to my dear friend Tina DeMasi for working the podcast circuit, contacting folks about playing Mohave, the results are coming in!

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